Development and Hosting Services

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Hosting and Web/Database Development and Support Services

Hosting Services:

Programming/Database Development and Support Services:

Merchant Services:


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Web Design, Development and Maintenance Services

NeoCom can assist you with the most important component in the Web development process, the creation of your Web plan. We examine such questions as:
NeoCom can assist in developing new content or in converting existing content into a format suitable for the Web. This content can be for inclusion in a Web page or for inclusion in a database.
NeoCom offers a full range of graphic services, including the development of logos, graphics, artwork, and photos, or we can scan and convert your existing images and/or photos. We can also develop clickable (imagemaps), interlaced and animated images; as well as Shockwave and/or Java based images and presentations.
Based on the Web plan, NeoCom develops and codes web pages using HTML, Java, ColdFusion, ActiveX, JavaScript or VBScript. We also provide coding and conversion services to implement Acrobat (PDF), video (MOV, AVI), RealAudio (RA) and sound (WAV, AU, AIFF) files.
For websites that require a database backend such as SQL Server, Access, dBASE or text files, we develop all required interfaces and web pages using ColdFusion.
NeoCom can develop fill-out forms and write all required CGI scripts and/or ColdFusion templates.
NeoCom uses Allaire Forums for those websites that utilize discussion forums or on-line help components. We configure all forums and manage all administrative aspects required by the client.
NeoCom tests all Web pages using all major Web browsers. This is to ensure usability by the greatest number of users possible.
NeoCom will, on an on-going basis, add to, modify and maintain your Web pages.

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Consulting Services

The Internet has become a major communications and marketing medium, along with television, radio, newspapers and magazines; it probably will be the dominant interactive medium in the future. Because the Internet is radically different from all other media, organizations must have a specific strategy that effectively uses the strengths of this medium, just as they have specific strategies for other media.
To begin developing your strategy, you must know the answers to at least these five questions:
  1. What is your purpose for being on the Internet?
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. What information do you want to provide to your audience?
  4. What information do you want from your audience?
  5. What actions do you want from your audience?
This may seem obvious, but different responses to these questions will result in radically different implementation schemes. In some cases, in addition to a Web Server, you may need other capabilities (e.g. Email, Listservers, FTP and Gopher servers, special script handling, special security handling, database support, etc.), or you may not need a Web Server at all. Also, different responses can dramatically alter the look and feel of your Web, as well as how it is organized and what functions are included.
NeoCom staff have the background and experience to analyze your business, to devise ways of using the Internet as an effective communications and marketing medium to meet your Web presence goals, and to assist you in the development of an effective strategy.
If you do not plan to maintain your own Internet site, then you will have to find an Internet Service Provider that can provide you with all the necessary services. This can be one of the most important tasks in the development of your Internet presence, yet most organizations pay very little attention to it. NeoCom does not provide Internet connections nor does it provide services such as Web servers (other than a home on NeoCom's Web server), but NeoCom can help you select the Provider that is best suited to meet your needs.
In selecting the right Service Provider, the following are some of the areas that have to be addressed.
Services Provided
Does the Provider offer all the Services that you need to successfully implement your Internet presence? For instance, in addition to a Web Server, can they support the other requirements that you may need such as: adequate forms support, other CGI scripting, email, database support, an FTP and/or Gopher server, a Listserver, security, etc.?
Service Reliability
Does the Provider have the reliability that you require? If your services need to be up all, or almost all the time, then your Provider probably has to have redundant equipment, links and backbone networks so that no single failure will isolate part of the network or system. If you cannot afford to be down for hours and possibly days, then you have to have a Provider with a suitable backup and recovery process as well as having an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that can keep your system up and running for hours or days if there is a power failure.
Service Availability
Does the Provider provide the level of access you and your users will require? If you or some of your users have to dial in, what is the acceptable number of times to get a busy signal?; for some services, it can take 20 tries to get through. In addition, if required, do they provide the points of presence (POPs) you require?
Service Performance
Does the Provider provide the speed of throughput you require? If you require a service that is not fraught with delays or low throughput, then you must have a Provider with high-speed connections from your server to the backbone.
System Security
Does the Provider provide the level of security that you require? For instance, do you care that anyone can get into your files and download them? Do you require secured transactions between the user (client) and the server?
System Support
Does the Provider offer the level of support you need? If something goes wrong with the system do you care whether or not someone is at the site 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, to fix the problem? Do they have responsive technical support staff to answer your questions?
Provider Experience
What level of experience do you require from your Provider? Do you care how long they have been in the Internet Provider business or how large a customer base they have or how happy their customers are?
What is it going to cost you? Cost is not the most important issue, it is a significant issue, but it should be weighed in light of all the other needs for your Internet presence. Low or high cost does not ensure success, in fact, it can ensure failure. You must determine what is the minimum cost to ensure success.

Other Services

NeoCom also provides the following services:


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